Come dive in the clear waters of Puerto Galera

I have always been hearing about the wonderful dive sites and island adventures in Philippines. It’s a wonderful experience to dive in this inviting beautiful blue water.


I jus want to soak in this inviting waters.



This is the my first attempt at using a SJCam in the water, without a red filter. The colours are not perfect.


A blue sea star




Giant Clam

I did not manage to get a photo of the electric clam I saw. Despite the name, it doesn’t shock. The soft tissues flash like an electric spark.




Mimic Octopus moves swiftly and mimics other creatures nearby. That’s how it got its name.



We did a dusk dive on the first day due to the delays in our schedule. I caught a glimpse of jellyfishes when I did a back roll.

The second day night dive was one of the best dives. There were so many sea creatures that were so active and too many things to see.  This is also the first time I experience a thermalcline in the water.


A little Poacher swimming at the bottom of the sea.




A tiny sea slug, Nudibranch, with 3 lines on its back.





Just managed to catch the ends of a sea snake before I run out of air.




Swengland Resort threw a buffet party on Saturday night located at the rooftop with exciting entertainment such as dance and flame throwing performances.

This Puerto Galera dive trip has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge in diving and self-awareness in the water. With the tips and guidances from my peers, I now understand how I should avoid bumping into anyone in the water, what I should do if there’s a strong current and mastering my buoyancy. In addition, I have obtained my Nitrox certification earlier and I’m now able to dive with Nitrox tank to increase my bottom time.

It wasn’t the best option for me to get the SJCam for this trip as I got carried away taking videos and pictures instead of mastering my buoyancy and frequently monitoring my gauge. The biggest obstacle for me is in fact controlling my buoyancy at safety spot. It’s natural that the air in the Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD) will expand as we ascend and I might not be releasing enough air which results in me ascending too quickly and it’s not good! I don’t want to get any decompression sickness.

Speaking about decompression sickness, it is necessary for us to abide to the “no-fly” period after a dive trip. This spells land tour for us! Whoooooohooooo~~ Do watch out for my land tour post to the hidden paradise in Puerto Galera.

Organised by: SG Adventurer
FB Link:
Resort: Swengland Resort
Dive Center: Scandinavian Diver

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