Take a day to have fun in the hidden paradise in Puerto Galera

I am grateful that I was invited to join an adventurous trip with Sg Adventurer at Puerto Galera! In order to get to this wonderful hidden paradise, we had to take an hour-long bumpy ride in a truck through the narrow and rough road.


My transfer transport from the carpark to Turunkan falls was a carbao (a type of water buffalo) cart. This is probably the key highlight of the journey. This is something we don’t get see to in our city-life in Singapore.





My journey through the jungle and swamps consist of about 20mins and occasion stops for the water buffalo to poop.



I was delighted to be greeted by friendly locals and an astonishing view. Within the forested area, there is a pool of water where the water flows down from the stepped rocks. There were kids and other visitors playing in the water.



There were huts and shelters along the sides where people rest or buy souvenir gifts from the stalls.The huts along the side of the pool of water



The pool of water.We were able to walk on the rocks to follow the trail of water gushing down.





Rocky uneven paths, but it was a real adventure




SELFIE time!

Finally finding an area where the water seemed to be gushing down from the stream fast.



It feels good to see water gushing down the stream. And it feels like I’m getting a massage when the water hits my body.



I felt that it was soul healing by immersing with nature and watching the view of the huts and water from the top. We took our lunch at one of the sheltered areas before heading back to Sabang.




Along the way, our driver took us to Tamaraw waterfall and help us with a few more photos before we head back.




This trip was great and SG Adventurer does organise a number of adventurous trips. Do catch them up on their facebook link below.

Organised by: SG Adventurer

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