Did you miss the colorful display of tulips in the Flower Dome?

Singapore, being a first world and a small country, there isn’t that much land. Actions were taken to introduce more parks and greenhouses into our tiny country. The incredible Flower Dome located at Gardens by the bay provides all wok of life to discover the different types of flora. And during the special season, they will put up a themed display for our viewing pleasure. Just recently, there was a display of colorful tulips during the Tulip Mania and it opens my eyes to the beauty of tulips.

Burning Heart
Queen of Night
Fancy Frills
Gorgeous Tulip

The photos here are not high definition. Please do email me if you would like to have a high definition image for your wallpaper.

Fun Fact: The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse listed in 2015 Guinness World Records.

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