Simple yet cozy boutique hotel for relaxing weekend at Klapsons Hotel

Looking for a short weekend staycation to treat yourself or your loved ones? klapson hotel located outskirt of the CBD makes the perfect weekend spot! Being at the outskirt of CBD allows you to dive in during lunch hours or straight after work. After you check out on a Monday, you can spring back to the office as soon as possible. 


klapsons has a unique modern-day artistry theme. The concierge booth looks like a space-craft with steps that leads to the counter.





I didn’t get a photo of the walkway from the door to the key highlight of the room. However, I got a photo of the living room overlooking the outdoor balcony.

We just threw our stuff onto the sofa and too chill to remove it from the picture.



It is just too inviting to throw myself onto the cosy seat and relax with a glass of wine. Enjoying the ambience and the cool, sunny weather of Singapore.


The shower room and the toilet were in 2 separate partitions. The shower room has 2 basins where couples can enjoy brushing their teeth, dolling themselves up at the same time. What was best was the shower head. It’s rain shower and I love it a lot. What makes it even special was that there was coloured LED lights just above the shower rain and also speaker. So I can listen to the news on the radio while showering! What a delight!



The toilet is a little tiny and it is not one of the features I like about the room. It’s too narrow and the basin was a little flimsy. 





It is an unforgettable experience staying in this hotel. The walls of the room made me feel so relax and safe. Sleep and cosy up on a bed with surrounded blue walls




Address: 15 Hoe Chiang Rd, Singapore 089316

Nearest MRT: Raffles Station

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