Naruto x Boruto Nijigen no mori

Naruto is one of the Manga / Anime that I grew up with. And it’s the first cosplay I ever did with a big Team~ I still remember all you ninja crews~

This theme park is in an Island and it was not easy to get there. But thanks to JR Pass (thank you but why did you increase your price now~ *whine*) and google maps, we are thankful of this. Our plan was a tinsy bit late on this and could have gone earlier in the day as this island is actually filled with lotsa other theme attractions such as the Slime mori mori Dragon Quest, Gozilla and much more.

The Journey from Osaka was about an hour.

We took the Shinkansen (best bullet train ever!) from Shin-Osaka Station to Sannomiya Station, and changed to reach Maiko Station. Thereafter, we looked like lost souls trying to find the correct bus stop to get on the highway bus. Wait a minute~ Highway? Yes, the bus stop is on the highway, like literally up up up and above the ground level road~ We took the bus from here to Awaji island. Thankfully there is a bus stop guide there where we used our half-passed Japanese to take the correct bus over~

It’s quite a walk from where we alighted to Naruto x Boruto Nijigen park. But the walk and anticipation to the theme park was exhilarating. Oh yea; we went there after sun down so it was freezing and getting dark. I was worried that we won’t make the last bus out of the island.

My heart pumped up and I was about to cry with joy when I was rewarded by the entrance and seeing the almost-life-size poster cut-out of these Shinobis! Thank you Japan for this; I’m able to relive my teenage dream of being a ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village.
“次の火影になる、信じて! I will become the next Hogake, believe it!”

Everything is in Japanese; so it’s literally difficult for me coz of my half-passed Japanese~ I’m sorry JLPT and my sensei(s); I passed the exams and now I have given back everything..

There’re 2 missions available and of course, we must try both even though we are slightly tight on schedule!
After buying the tickets (thru the vending machine; yes; Japan is BIG on the self-help Vending Machines! ); we are given 2 scrolls for the missions. Heaven Scroll (天の巻) and Earth Scroll (地の巻).

Heaven Scroll (天の巻) mission

This mission takes us through a series of obstacle courses! We have to collect stamps throughout this maze and make our way to the third floor. Some of the stamps are hidden behind sealed doors, where they will open after performing the hand signs of the technique.

At the end of the course, we are welcomed by a Naruto statue in his Hokage cloak!

Earth Scroll (地の巻) mission

This is much harder than the previous one and its a series of puzzles where the seals have been tampered and the mission is to restore the chakra seal and seal the giant enemy.

Kurama – Nine tails fox

Hold it! It’s time for a picture with Kurama~ The Nine tail fox sealed in Naruto.

And what do we have here? When I see this. I know; who is coming up~

Tadah! Orochimaru!


After completing this mission, we are treated to a really cool animation in a enclosed room which will reveal the chakras from the scroll and how it was resealed. This is really next level! And yesh; no videos or cameras allowed, so you are definitely in for a treat! My suggestion: JUST GO FOR THIS!

Ichiraku Ramen

Missions accomplished and what’s left to do is to eat at the famous ramen from Ichiraku Ramen. Reminisce the many occasions where Naruto just indulge in bowls after bowls of ramen.

Yummy delicious ramen for a cold night totally made me feel contented and comfortable~

Visit the shop for souvenirs!

Night illumination and display at Hokage Rock

There’s also a night illumination on this rock where there’s cool light show and animation.

Definitely did not regret the long journey from Osaka and so glad he has put this in our itinerary when we are here! <3

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