This is the first time I ever been to DisneySea and let me tell you this, ever since the creation of mobile bookings, trying every single ride on one day is clearly mission impossible. The mobile booking only allows you to book one ride at a time and the premium, y’all gotta pay for it as well and damn its also like one at a time man.

Everyone just talks about how pretty and dreamy this whole place is. But no one talks about how impossible to take all rides within a single visit to the theme park. I’m a theme park lover and a thrill ride lover as well and if I can’t take the ride; WHY why why am i in the theme park?

Ok that’s my rant. Here’s some cool things I tried to do while I am there~

Tower of Terrors @ American Waterfront

From the exterior of Tower of Terrors, this is one ride that was highly recommended to try. Managed to get the express queue for this and we strolled pass the people in the queue and into the beautifully decorated building. The interior was elaborated decorated and going up the elevator to watch the scene is a blast. Once we are strapped in, I knew what we are in for. The drop came soon in the midst of the count down and oh boy, the screams from the crowd were epic. And every level that we stopped by, there’s a vibrant scene. 

We didn’t bother to queue for the other rides and we just walked around and get timed queue for Journey to the center of the world ride. When rides allow us to bring our bags and put them in a ’secure mesh’ in the cabin, this ride is not the insanely scary ride. This ride was the one I liked the most! There’s acceleration and decorations that makes me feel like I’m in the movie! 

Journey to the Center of the Earth

I watched this movie countless times and yes I do enjoy the fantasy creatures found at the core of the earth. It’s remarkable and the ride takes us through that journey and yes it’s a very friendly ride. It’s not a roller coaster kind of thrill but a more easy to the heart kind of joyride. Its good to experience the different scenes.

Indiania Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull @ Lost River Delta

Yessssh~ this is clearly another ride that we took and I liked! The ride is an indoor ride, where some scenes are dark with strobes lights. These theme rides in DisneySea are way longer than the usual highspeed thriller rollercoaster. And the designs of each rides, scenes are elaborated!

Exploring the Mermaid Lagoon

Went to Mermaid Lagoon to visit the creatures of the sea~

We went treasure hunting and exploring the beautifully decorated theme park! And each venue settings are paired with different kind of music that suits the theme.

Exploring this steamed punk vibes at Port Discovery. This is in fact my favourite area cause it has so much steamed punk vibes!

Went on a treasure hunt

And out at the Mediterranean Harbor; there’s ship docked there where we can enter and walk

American Waterfront has a HUGE ship anchored there where this is a restaurant where people can dine at.

Ahhhh yes! it was closed to Christmas season and tadah! a need for a photo here~

Sweet delight; coconut and pistachio goodie.

Obviously; a Mickey shaped food needed to be consumed as part of the Disney experience.

through the whole ship!

Even though we didn’t get to try the rides like we did in USJ, the time spent walking around enjoying the every scene really takes me away from the busy hectic reality in my life. 

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