Beauty of wet market in Tokyo – Tsukiji Market

Tsukiji market is a wet market located in Tokyo. It is well known for its wholesale fishes, seafoods, fruits and vegetables. I have yet to witness the famous tuna auction early in the morning. Based on a number of sources, it is best to visit this place between 4 or 5 am if you want to be a part of the auction. Otherwise, perhaps 9 in the morning is the perfect time to enjoy the bustling market.


This is a typical scene in the wet market. Stalls after stalls with produce in ice boxes.




There are countless fresh products for one to choose. Perhaps, staying in an airbnb apartment might be a better option if I want to buy a few fresh seafood to cook.



This fish is 3000yen, which is about SGD35.





Crabs are common here too and I think their freshness is one of the best.




I have never seen so many squids before in a market.




Lobsters in comparison to the size of the lemon




I think this unagi (eel) looks great and tempting for eel lovers.




Just look at the colour of these fresh Salmon. Its bright and appealing!




I am not a fan of octopus but Japanese do enjoy eating them.




I dare say that this is the first gigantic fish head I have ever seen.






This is how they transport their fresh goods around the wet market. Isn’t it amazing?




Apart from the wet market, I took a stroll down theĀ  vicinity and certainly there are sashimi/ sushi/ ramen eateries.



Besides the fresh products, take a look at some of the close shuttles. Even some shuttles of the stall has cute image worth to stop and snap a photo.



Oh not to forget! This egg is something I look forward to everytime I visit Tsukiji Market. It is so special and it warms me up during a cold day. The tamago-yaki is warm, moist, fluffy and sweet!


Tsukiji Market
Opening hours: 5:00 to 14:00 (varies from stalls to stalls)
Best time to visit: 5.30 am to witness the auction.
Getting here: Situated near Tsukiji Station


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