Take a stroll down Harajuku Street

I fell in love with the funky color combinations of Harajuku fashion. And I have always dreamed of coming here to Harajuku! It is delightful to see teenagers strutting down the aisle with their cool unique outfits.


I was amazed to be walking down the aisle of these kawaii shops!




The shopping experience here is crazy and there’s even more shops on above eye level!



There’s a variety of things you can do to Harajuku! If you are planning a trip here, it would be best to visit Harajuku on a Sunday~! Since it is more vibrant on a Sunday where you will see more youths dressed in different subcultures such as gothic, goth-punk, punk, lolita, etc.

Harajuku Fashion Street

Location:Takeshita Street
Nearest Station: Harajuku Station

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