What it feels like spending a day in Ueno Park during Cherry blossom season.

Ueno park is a beautiful park to visit and I think that to enjoy the sakura blossom, it would be fun to do a picnic session like the locals!

It is magnificent to see 2 types of Sakura.


Pink cherry blossom




White cherry blossom



Kiyomizu Kannon Temple


This temple is located next to the cherry blossom aisle. It is very popular with “aspiring mothers” as it is the temple home to an image of Kosodate Kannon, the goddess of conception.

Taking a short break to embrace the magnificent view from the top and capturing pictures before making my way down as it is a narrow pathway and tons of people were going through it.




Ornaments In Kiyomizu Kannon Temple – The goddess of conception





After exiting the temple, I took a stroll towards the Shitamachi museum. Instead of visiting it, I decided to walk the parameter of the park and I stumbled upon the Shinobazu pond. In my opinion, this is one of the nicest sections in the park as there isn’t any picnic mat in sight that is going to make my photos horrible. hahaha.

Shinobazu Pond

Shinobazu pond is segmented into 3 different areas namely, Cormorant Pond, Boat Pond and Lotus Pond.


Pretty Sakura Trees beside Cormorant Pond




Sakura reflections




Boat Pond is where you can rent a duck boat and enjoy paddling it with friends and family.


The park can be a little noisy due to the crowd, going on the duck ride is one way that you can enjoy the view of Sakura trees privately and in peace.


Bentendo Temple

Bentendo temple has a unique octagonal shaped hall where people would pay their respects to Benzaiten, the goddess of good fortune. For our Singaporean friends, that is equivalent to our “Cai Shen Ye”.


A part of Bentendo’s temple




Festival Food Bazaar

If your tummy gets hungry after a stroll in the park, you don’t have to fret. There’s a food bazaar during the blooming season that serves wide variety of delicious local delights.








You can have some hot oden in the cold weather!




I would suggesting packing your gourmet pick from the bazaar and bringing them to the picnic floor mats you see in the park. Sit down with your friends and families to watch the beautiful cherry blossoms trees while savouring the local delights that you have bought.

If you’re keen on the cherry blossoms, be sure to do a little bit of research on the blooming forecast as the blooming period differs from year to year. In general, the cherry blossoms bloom between March to April. There’s a beautiful aisle surrounded with cherry blossoms trees further into the park so don’t forget to take a photo or a selfie.

Ueno Park

Address: Japan, 110-0007 Tokyo, Taitō, Uenokoen, 5-20
Nearest Station: Ueno Station
Opening Hours: Always open

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