Cheap shopping spree at Chatuchak market

Chatuchak market is a famous tourist spot for shopping. It’s so vibrant to see a huge selection of products in one market! There’re 27 sections and at least 8000 stalls! *phwee* Even with a map in my hand, I still can get lost.

I’ve been to Chatuchak a number of times and it used to be a lot messier in the past. I used to dread coming to this market because of the narrow, wet and messy path. But now, the walkways are much neater and easier to navigate around.

Chatuchak has a huge range of decorations that you can revitalize your crib with. Things such as signages, lights, candles, and tons of hippie stuff.



Roadside stalls that sells finger food are highly addictive. It makes it handy to eat while walking!



If finger food is not sufficient for a lunch, perhaps a bowl of duck noodles or char siew rice would make it a better choice.

I felt that the bowl of duck noodles was lacking something in its flavour. Or perhaps I’m just accustomed to the Singaporean duck noodles with heavy flavour.


The char siew is not like the one in Singapore. This is interesting to me!



The next item to eat is definitely the coconut ice cream! It is perfect for a hot afternoon break. I tried it once and I personally didn’t like it (not a big fan of coconut). Don’t limit yourself to just the ice cream.

Just go crazy with customizing your ice cream with grass jelly, peanuts and various other toppings.




This is my fair share of coconut ice cream topped with peanuts.



This is my favourite snack in Chatuchak market! Just look at the amount of grilled garlic bread stacked on top of one another. It’s making me drool!



Opening hours: Weekend
Nearest Station: Mo Chit Station

Getting there is a no-brainer. Just hop onto the BTS, alight at Mo Chit Station and follow the crowd. “The force” will take you there. If you are the jumpy type and paranoid about getting lost on foreign land,  just seek help from the kind station crew. They will point you in the direction of the holy ground.


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