Hidden gem in Osaka: Osaka cocktail library akashic records

Step into the realm of magic and fantasy, ok; not really MAGIC but this little speakeasy is hidden in the upper storey of a building.

Walking thru this medieval door, brings me into a medieval themed bar. We were usher to the counter and ordered our drinks.

It was during the Halloween season and we did order their festive menu item.

Trick or Treat; Watching the bartender swished and swashed this delicious icy cold beverage right in front of my eyes is a real trick!

Reserve your table with them here -> Osaka Cocktail Library Akashic Records

@prissiewerks Loving this cocktail bar! Feels so magical especially going there during the Halloween festival. Trick or Treat drink was a surprised. Watching the bartender work his magic to create this fantastic bitesize dragon breath drink called Trick or treat. . Oh and the Lemon tart Martini was superb. It feels like eating a dessert by not actually eating it. . #travellog #travelJapan #throwback #travelgram #instatravel #cocktail #bar #prissiewerkstravel #bptravel ♬ Magic, mystery-like jingle (bell)(807775) – airch

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