Went to a shooting range in Bangkok

The only time I ever held a gun was in National Camp during school days. Besides that arcade guns at game centers. Haaaaaa

While doing the usual Thai local food eating, shopping, sightseeing and massages, its time to take travelling to a whole new different level. Trying to find different experiences while we are abroad~

Found this shooting range company that is located at BTS Sanam Pao Station. We made a reservation at this place and after selecting what type of guns we want to try out, we were ushered to a car that brought us into a secured compound.

Time for some fun~

The guide gave us a quick introduction and we get to practise with the demos before our allocated slot. Oh yes; we have to wear that ear muffler coz its really loud and noisy here. Wow!

Now take your aim, fire away fire away~ Alrightie, here I go ~ I can’t aim properly and definitely needed the assistance with the recoil. Haaaa, This is so funny.

Hello sir~ you are a pro there!

Here’s the result~

Not bad! My aim is all over the place. What can I say~

Grateful that we have platforms like Klook; and this activity can be booked via them. Do check it out~

Haven’t gotten Klook? Get yours here now~

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