Chinatown in Bangkok

Chinatown is a popular tourist attraction in Bangkok. It’s bustling street and Chinese signages strangely made me feel at home.

The road is shared by motorists, food pedallers and pedestrians. A car can be just about a palm’s length away from my waist while I queued and waited in line for food.



There are all kinds of food sold by food peddlers. Such as grilled pork satay under the blazing heat.



You won’t miss a food peddler selling fruits.



What’s Chinatown without all the oriental spices and herbs used in cooking?



Along the corridor, there’s a stall that sold a wide selection of cook dishes similar to economic rice in Singapore.



Getting here

By Boat:

The journey doesn’t take long. Sathorn (Central Pier) located at BTS Saphan Taksin has a few different boats that take you to Rachawongs (N5).

If you’re only intending to stop at Rachawongs, you should get the single journey ticket that costs only 15Baht. The ferry terminal might be confusing for a start. I got the tickets for Chao Praya Tourist Boat for a whopping 150Bath which gave us unlimited rides for a day. In hindsight, it didn’t really make sense for us as we were only travelling to Chinatown but it was really helpful with the “commentary” on board. This boat ticket is really helpful for people who are keen on exploring the different stops and not wanting to fret about purchasing the tickets every single time they board the boat. A side note, you can board the Chao Phraya Express Boat with this ticket too.


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