A little French in South-east Asia

Bonjour! I am in love with this fantastic little village up the hill. It is quite a drive to get here but it is definitely worth a trip to visit!

Immediately upon reaching this location, I am welcomed by this lovely roundabout structure!



I feel that this is a great photo spot. Especially if you are looking for a location to shoot perhaps wedding or themed photoshoot. It is definitely an alternative as compared to flying to to France.




I thought I have stepped into a castle premises with the bridge drawn down. Am I in a fairytale?




I love how the decorations are carefully put together.



The village is small but they do have inns where people can stay and it would be nice if I had stayed at one of the inns. I would think that the view would look nice from the top as well.


I can just sit and have a cup of coffee just like in France.




The beautiful architectures and the strategic lineups of the few cafes or eateries that people can sit back and relax does make me feel like I am in a French Village in some movie scene. I haven’t been to France yet but that is one of the places I wanna visit.

French Village

Location: Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Website: http://pahang.attractionsinmalaysia.com/Bukit-Tinggi.php

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