Scuba diving in Pulau Aur

After getting my Open Water Dive(OWD) License in 2012, I am definitely looking forward to my next dive. Since I went to Tioman for my OWD, I thought it would be great to dive at Pulau Aur. Going for more dive trips would help me to practise my skillset while exploring the nature in the water.

These are the dive sites that I went to for this trip:

Dive 1 – Pulau Lang

First dive is always a check out dive.

Dive 2 -Telok Teluran

Dive 3- Dayang Channel

Octopus~~ Look at the tentacles~





Cushion Starfish. This looks so interesting and so inflated!!! Love it and there is this small shrimp beneath the it~




This is Crowns-of-Thorns! Looks scary huh~~!!




Dive 4- Lang Bay

Just moment after I descended down from the surface, I was thrilled to see a turtle swimming in front of me. This is a good way of starting the dive! This dive spot is a relaxing and easy spot, where I could see school of batfish, a sting ray, etc etc..

Pulau Aur
Dive company:

PS: Photos are not taken by me. I have gotten them from my dive mates.

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