Very first dive trip in Tioman

I took my Open Water Dive License in Tioman with Fisherman Scuba. I was taught the basic drills of diving during my lessons and did a swimming pool session before going to the island. It’s proximity to Singapore makes it one of the best location to dive in durring open season.


Getting to Tioman requires a ferry transfer at Mersing  Jetty.



My first dive was a check out dive near the resort. This is the time to practise the basic drills and get comfortable being in the water with the gears.


Salang Bay










Malang bay




Tioman island dive is a relaxing tropical water.


Fish peeping at me XD





Nudibranch also known as sea slug is a micro sea creature.






Another type of nudibranch





Moray eel





Sponge Starfish looks like a cushion that I can just rest my head on it.




Dive Company: Fisherman Scuba

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