Travel back through time in Lugang

Lugang is located outside of Taichung city and just by walking through the streets, the vintage accents make me feel that I have travelled back in time.


There are various temples that you can visit in Lugang. This is just one of the temples I visited.





Mo-Lu Lane, the Chinese literal meaning is ‘the chest touching lane’. The reason for its name is that the lane is way too narrow and it felt as though that 2 person chests are touching each other when crossing.




9 turns lane is another attraction in Lugang where the lanes are 9 corners.




This half-sided well in Yaolin street has a story. Its story goes that the family who owns this well decided to share it with the less fortunate. Hence, they divided it where others can use the other half.



Take a highspeed train from Taipei to Changhua Station! It is about 2.5hrs duration.

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