Farm Visit in Singapore: Max Koi Farm

Stumble into this Koi Farm after missing a turn somewhere and decided to go in and check it out~!! There’s many “tanks” and “ponds” with Koi and Arowana~~ They are all so huge and pretty~~!! I wonder how heavy is one. I did chat with a worker there and he mentioned that 1 Koi can weigh about 14kg.

Koi Farm
Koi to the pipes at the back of it. Ain’t it huge ?
Looking for food ?

Don’t be surprised to see other types of animals in this farm. I guess the owners love to keep parrots as pets too~~

B-E-A-Utiful Parrot
Isn’t it beautiful ? I love the eyes and the colours of the feathers~

Max Koi Farm

Address : 251 Neo Tiew Cresent Singapore 718835

Tel : 6862 6363

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