Children Little Museum

As a modernised first world country, Singapore has changed a lot over the years . Being one of the countries with the highest technology adoption rate, children even toddlers are playing with iPad. Where have all those vintage dolls and toys gone…

If you have not yet been to a museum full of vintage retro toys, Children Little Museum is one of the best places to relive your childhood daze. Although a little small, but…. well…. a good place for some reminiscing  and some fun taking pictures! If you are born maybe before the 90s, you will probably be able to identify the toys.

Children Little Museum is one spot to relive the good-old days. Back in school where tables and chairs were made of wood and student wrote notes with pencil.

Vintage Looking School

With a diversity of races and religions, Singapore has four offical languages (English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil). In the early days, there was a segregation of Chinese and English schools, which explains why some of our parents who attended Chinese schools do not speak English and vice versa. Although I’m not too sure about early education for the Malay and Indian community. I’m guessing the same segregation applies.

“With the job market in the 1970s placing greater importance on English language competency, more parents were sending their children to English-medium schools.” – National Archives of Singapore.

Due to our government’s fear of the communist threat “brewing” in the Chinese schools, Chinese schools are now pages in our history book. English has become the primary medium of teaching and also our first language.

What’s in pupil’s bag back in those days?

Although the subjects taught today are largely the same, you no longer see teaching aids written in Chinese.

I am guessing that they use this to teach Mathematics

Children not only go to school to study, they have free time too. Since there were no electronic gadgets back then, and to keep them entertained were things like plastic insects, country erasers, five stones, pick up stick, etc. It is less common to see kids these days playing with all these toys.

I don’t remember much of these. How do you play these?
This looks like a booth from a carnival

I am thrilled spending a few hours with all these nostalgic pretty collection in the museum. A horse of a carousel or also known as merry-go-round can be seen here too! Merry-go-around is mainly an amusement ride with horses or animals mounted on poles that stimulates a galloping effect when the animals move up and down.

Don’t just evaluate each collection here. Take a photo 🙂

The uncle in the shop is super duper warm and friendly. He has offered to help us take some photos. He may not have the best photography skills (in terms of modern definition of hiding the flaws and portraying a slim body) but he sure does make the experience fun. Furthermore the shop’s concept is nostalgic and it’s perfect for a vintage photoshoot. Such an impromptu photoshoot was fun and enjoyable. Thanks uncle!

Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199460
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

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