Diving in Southern Riau with MV Nautica

Liveaboard is a common and relaxing way to go on a scuba diving trip. You don’t need to carry the dive gears up and down the resort or neither travel to and fro the island. Hence with this, it makes it more enjoyable and comfortable.

MV Nautica has 3 decks. Mainly the areas that I have used are the Upper Deck and Main Deck. Upper Deck consists of sun deck, dining area and lounge area. The Main Deck consists of the rooms and the dive platform.

The room that I was assigned to was a Seaview cabin which an ensuite toilet in it. Thanks for that. There’s a single bed and a bunk bed. I slept on the upper bunk bed and there’s enough space for me to put my stuff on the bed. The room has a cupboard where we can hang our clothes and empty space below the bed where we can put away our bags.

The boat crews were very helpful and their assistance during the trip made my diving experience pleasant.

Meals were served (buffet styled) on the upper deck. The meals prepared were delicious and there’s even a bunch of condiments. There’re crackers, coffee, and tea for our consumption at any time of the day.

One memorable event was the steamboat dinner. Who eats steamboat on the boat? With the boat sailing back from Indonesia to Singapore, the water can be rough. And we were swaying from side to side, picking up food from the steamboat pot carefully.

Dive experience

Dive Sites: PomPong Island, Sleeping Turtle, Abang Besar and Nudy Colony

The visibility at Southern Raiu ranges from 3-8m. It would be best to bring a dive torch. Visibility can be bad and possibly easy to lose the group. So if ever you go missing, do remember the missing diver procedure.


Turtle, Gobi, Sea urchins, Clown Fish, Nudibranch, shrimps

Check out a few footages of my dive in the video below.

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