The Deep South Adventures with Princesa Luluka

It’s not my first time diving with Princesa Luluka. The moment when we were approaching the mother boat, the feeling of familiarity and nostalgia hits me. I was so excited to board it and it feels like I am returning back home! Check out my first blog at Princesa Luluka here.

I had a high expectation of diving in the deep south. I wouldn’t say that its not great, but its not as epic as compared to the first I had. I guessed I was looking out for hammerhead sharks and more whale sharks this trip but was a tinsy bit disappointed when both were not sighted. The majority of the dives were channel dives here.  

Ever since the start of COVID-19 outbreak, I was afraid that our trip will be cancelled. I would say we were fortunate to have made this dive trip before any lockdowns happened. Before I continue, this post is lengthy! If you don’t wanna read, just scroll down to the end to watch the video I made that shows the key highlight of the trip.

Thoughts about Princesa Luluka 

  • Read my first blog here

The slide was unfortunately broken and we didn’t get to do it this time round. But I’ve jumped and climbed the wall instead! I think if I didn’t get my guide to do it with me, I’ll prolly just watch.


Island BBQ was fun! And stargazing in this place is immaculus. 

Second Island on the last day

Being stranded in the tiny little island while waiting for the other group to finish their wakeboarding is both fun and boring! Watching the sunset and hermit crabs running around 🙂 

Dive routes

Deep South

Diving Experiences

#1 Villingili Beyru (Gaafu Alifu Atoll)

Check out dive at this location! Checking gears, being familiar with the water all over again. What to look out for? Let’s see. For starters: FISHES!

“Thank you and enjoy your dive!”

Spotted: bumphead parrotfish





#2 & #17 Villingili Kandu

On the second time at this dive side, I had issues equalizing. Blessing in disguise because I managed to catch a nice footage of the Eagle rays! 

#3 Kooddoo Shark Point

This is where we see Spinner Sharks. 

#4 Kurehdhoo Gorgonia

#5 Vodamula Kandu

#6 Kodeny Coral Garden

#7 & #8 Fuvahmulah Plato (Gnavuyani Atoll)

Deep dive 

In the blue is all I can see. When I descend it’s literally all the way down to the deep blue! Hoping to see some sharks that I’ve not seen before but it was a pity that I didn’t. 

#9 Tigerzoo Dive site  (Gnavuyani Atoll)

This requires some reservation as only limited guests are allowed per dive and per day. Considering that this could potentially be dangerous, we were all given a plastic rod which could help protect ourselves from the Tiger Shark. Not to poke them but to place it vertically if ever it come too close to us.

#10 & #11 Maareha Kandu

We saw the Dolphins on the surface and we geared up and descend. Been hearing the Dolphins sound since the start of the dive and could not see any of those. Just when I’ve given up hope and supposedly to do safety stop, that’s when we saw them. It was a beautiful sight to watch the Dolphins swim in groups after groups.

#12 Dhnadhoo Corner

#13 Nulandhoo Kandu

#14 Nilandhoo Gorgonia

#15 Odagalla

#16 Kooddoo Kandu


Spinner Sharks

Silver Tip Sharks


Eagle Rays



Bat fish

Angel fish

Flute fish

Video summary of the trip

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