Hipster space in Khao San

Khao San is a popular destination for backpackers. It’s a place where you can find countless backpacker inns here. Similar to the likes of Haji lane, this space is home to many hipsters and backpackers.



Khao San is full of alleys of stalls and shops that do sell all sorts of things.





Walking through these back alleys is not unusual. And some shops are not even open during the early part of the day. 





Santi Chai Prakan Public Park

I visited a public park in Khao San. The tranquility of the place is soothing to the hearts and minds.




With benches to sit down, this park allows oneself to bask in the amazing view of the bridge.



Phra Sumen Fort

This was built in 1783 to defend the city against a river invasion.





The Gingerbread house

This retro looking cafe is worth the visit. Stop by for a glass of drink or a slice of cake. Just note that the place is very small and seats were limited. Thus, I didn’t have any cake but a drink to go.




Madame Musur

This bistro cafe served northern-styled dishes. This is pork sausages with seasoning. 





This Tom Yum Gong is slightly different from the typical Tom Yum known to me. It has a more complex flavour.



Khao San

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