Embracing the nature of Taipei in Yeh Liu

Traveled early to find the Queen Head Rock at YehLiu! The journey there was slightly about an hour on public bus and by the time I reached the destination, I have to walk for about 15mins but with my non-stop pauses to take photos of the scenery!
As I was walking to Yeh Liu, I spotted so many interesting buildings and stuffs and managed to capture some~ Look out for more pictures in the links below this post~

This rock formation is not man-made. It is formed by “geological forces”. Such rare occurrences that happens made the view of Yehliu spectacular and a must to take picture with the Queen Head as it is the Iconic image in this place. Expect to queue for it~~

Me posing in the midst of the Geopark
I could hardly take a clean photo of the Queen Head rock by itself due to the fact that there were so many people and I missed a few chances!



The Queen Head






Princess Head





Sea Groove





















Yeh Liu

Website: http://www.ylgeopark.org.tw/ENG/info/YlIntroduction_en.aspx


Take a bus from Taipei West Bus Station

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