Challenging myself to this adventurous hike at Clementi Forest

There’s alot of hype about this Clementi Forest in the recent years due to COVID-19. Everyone is stuck here and there’s this pretty aerial shot that is done and it basically captured the misty part of the forest.

Finally doing an hike with my girls, this is the most challenging one and the first one we done together as a group!

Bus Stop #12109

Waking up at 5.30am, catching the first bus out and to reach the “easiest” and “nearest” entrance! It is none other than Opp Ngee Ann Poly’s bus stop (bus stop #12109).

Disclaimer: This is not NParks approved Parks ya! So enter at your own risk! Bring a GPS, ensure you have sufficient water, power bank and insect repellent. Wear long sleeves, long pants and shoes you don’t mind getting mud on.

The walk to the entrance is easy to spot and basically entering it. Once entered, I’m walking waist-high plants. Just a few mins in and welcomed by the greenery of the forest. Ahhhh, nice view! Grab a number of photos here and move on. Just follow through the “man-made” route.

Muddy water to cross

Shortly after that, there is a path that we had to cross. and basically it was thigh high deep water for me. Shoes were muddy after that. Haaaa. this is a good workout hike. There are climbs involved that I had to use my whole body to pull myself up the slope. We followed the trail and led out to the “main” route of the Green Corridor. We crossed it and went towards the canal.

Instagram worthy Canal

It was really slippery, oh, definitely I did trip and fall during my hike. I just don’t remember which part. haha

Instagram Worthy Profile picture! I just didn’t make it up the metal beams.

After this canal, we have to go back to the main route of the green corridor. We took another trail which led us to train tracks, broken tree trucks and mushrooms!

Abandon train tracks and fallen tree

Enjoying the nature thru this walk and we walked towards this tunnel. This is near Maju Camp!

Getting a photo here at the entrance
And another inside the tunnel!
So much greeeeens in this place
And after a long walk, this is the exit! Phew. it was about close to 10am when we are out.
These are our shoes at the end of the walk!

TLDR; I have a couple of videos made for this walk! A short and a long version!

This is the shorter version!!
This is the FULL version! Just wanted to capture everything and not lose out anything.

My advise on this. Please do not go alone and becareful. Go watch the video by other blogs and be familiar with the route. It’s slippery, muddy and a full workout. A few instagram worthy places, but at your own risk!

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