Romantic dinner at Breeze overlooking Bangkok’s skyline

I guess most people do like the idea of wine and dine on a special occasion. Especially on Valentine’s Day when most restaurants and businesses would take this good opportunity to mark up their prices and promote a couple set. There are many ways that a couple could enjoy this special occasion together. I felt extraordinarily special with the romantic candle light dinner in an alfresco setting in the restaurant Breeze, located at Lebua.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a splendid sight before settling down at the table we were ushered to.



An astonishing Bangkok skyline that makes my heart melt when dining in such a wonderful memorable place. It certainly did earn its name for having so much wind rushing on my skin. For once, I thought that there were more than one season in Bangkok.


The array of dishes lined up in our set meal were astonishing delightful.

River prawn stir-fry with Osmanthus, soy arugula and coconut heart


The prawns were so fresh and they had a “poing poing” feeling when I chewed on them. *smiles*


Turkey and morel mushroom Superior broth, ginseng

The ultimate flavour on a more herbal note. *chuckles* at least that’s what I thought. It may not look as appetizing as it looks. But the mushroom broth with ginseng is rich.


Crispy marble goby “Tang Feng Sha” Style with Shanghai chili

Amazingly delightful dish! I love fish and it’s pan-fried if I’m not wrong. With seasoning, this dish tasted savoury and fresh yet at the same time spicy for me.


Blackmore Wagyu grade 9 strip loin Green pepper sauce Ginger scallion fried rice


This is one of the best beef we’ve had. It melts in the mouth and certainly puts a smile one my face! *grins widely*


Caramelized banana tart Chocolate puff, yuzu cream, banana bread ice cream

I gotta say that banana is my all time favourite fruit! Dessert was served with a caramelized banana topped on a bread, it made me fell in love with this sweet dessert.


An unforgettable night that I wished it didn’t end. I had a wonderful fine-dining experience with Breeze and I love their TLC service attitude. *loves*

Address:1055 State Tower, Silom Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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