1 Day tour – Sky Mirror , Paddy Field and Fireflies!

The best time to go for this Sky mirror is 1st and 15th of the lunar month. We set off early about 5am from Ampang, KL and we took about an hour to reach the jetty.

Char Quay Teow

There’s quite a number of eateries around and the char quay teow and the local delights here are so good.

Once reaching the jetty and putting on the lifejacket, its time to set off with the boat group. Since being an attraction site, its gonna be packed and it’s best to stick with the group and remember the guide faces.

yay. photo opportunity!

Once the tight is low and the boat stops, its time to set off and have some free and easy roaming around before the guide let us to take photo!

The package comes with free “photoshoot” by the guide. They are trained to help to guide and shift the people around. We didn’t know that the photos were free. Other wise we would have taken more!

Taking photos will take alot of time and energy. So after that it is perfect for a hearty meal! There’s alot of seafood places around the area.

We went for a road trip to see the beautiful paddy fields. There’s also a mini guided tour that we went to see. There’s a little souvenir shop will all those rice snacks and products!

Paddy Field~

The next part of the tour is to see seagulls and eagles.

After which there’s some time for light snacks before heading back for the epic fireflies and Blue Tears experience! The boat ride will take us to the edge where we are close to the mangrooves tree.

Well.. The epic part of the experience was getting bitten by tons of mosquitoes. I guess my blood taste differently than the locals here. But besides this, this day was one of the best 1 day tour!

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